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Search with Alta Vista  Search with Ask.Com  Search with Dogpile  Search with Google    Search with Yahoo!  Use Bing & Hotmail  Click here to find the definition of any word using Dictionary.Com  Click here to use the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, but remember, Wikipedia cannot be used as a direct source for your speech references.

Visit The New York Public Library.  Visit the Library of Congress.  Look up the meaning of an acronym or initialism.
 Son of Citation Machine Son of Citation Machine

This site provides a fill-in template for citing many, but not all, types of information sources.  You may use this site to create many of your works citations.


Purdue University Online Writing Lab The OWL at Purdue University

MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide: MLA 2009 Works Cited.  This site has examples of the current MLA citation formating styles required for your presentation outlines.  You may use this site to create most of your works citations.

Useful Communication Resources

Thesis Statements (Web Site Hyperlink)

This is a link to a web page at The University of North Carolina web site that provides a definition of a thesis statement, a description of how to create a thesis, and examples of good thesis statements.

Parallel Form (Web Site hyperlink)

Parallel form is an important concept in any type of writing. It provides consisteny, clarity and readability. It enhances  a presentation by organizing the material in a logically structured fashion that helps the speaker state their purpose and present their material to their audience clearly. This web page provides a good definition and good examples of parallel form.

"Using Parallel Form" (Microsoft Word 2002 document)

This is document describes how to apply the writing principles of parallel form.

Informative Outline Template (Microsoft Word 2002 document)

This outline template can be used for a informative presentations. You may download it, modify it and save it with a new name.

Persuasive Outline Template (Microsoft Word 2002 document)

This outline template can be used for a persuasive presentations. You may download it, modify it and save it with a new name.

(4" x 6") Presentation Card Template (Microsoft Word 2002 document)

This template can be used to write and print presentation notes on blank 4" x 6" index cards.  Insert your content by typing over the existing text. The print layout is landscape. When printing your speech cards, be sure to insert the 4" x 6" cards vertically into your printer. (A pack of  100 4" x 6" index cards can be purchased at any office supply store for about $1.10.)

Presentation Guidelines and Tips (Microsoft Word 2002 document)

This document contains guidelines and tips that will help you earn high scores on your presentations.

Mediated Communication and Media Literacy & Logical Fallacies (Microsoft Word 2002 document)

This is information about mediated communication and media literacy and logical fallacies.  It defines these topics and provides examples and links to additional information on the topics.